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Posted by springyard on 2006.04.02 at 17:54
You have Forgotten Realms listed as an interest, so the message I have brought, shall not be, I consider, out of keeping with the subject of this community. I have come here to invite any one who has an interest in Baldur’s Gate, to my community a_baldurs_gate; whosoever will go there shall find the specific subjects of Baldur’s Gate, high fantasy, Philip Athans etc. We shall discuss Athan’s published novel, and the possibility of making a combined effort to write our own version. Salutations to you all.


Posted by immortalbiscuit on 2006.03.30 at 23:18
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Confession of Love
Cassandra Sunn

Rating-- The poem is PG, but the afterward is more of a PG-13. ::wink:: Not really, but it could have been! Stupid Evil Censor People bite the big one!

Genre-- Romance

Fandom-- Petshop Of Horrors

Pairing-- D/Leon

READ ME!!! D will love you for it!Collapse )


Harry Potter Drabble -- Heavens' Tears

Posted by lamia_cobriana on 2006.03.30 at 18:08
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Title: Heavens’ Tears -- Drabble
Author: The Serpent Guardian
Beta: Unbeta’d
Fandom: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: I don’t own, JK Rowling does. I make no money from this and you don’t sue.
Pairing: Implied Voldemort/Harry
Rating: R.
Warnings: Sad. Death. Slash overtones.
Spoilers: None.
The wizarding world has endured many losses, Harry has endured more. Now he will endure his last two losses.Collapse )


Tempered Mischief - Ficlet

Posted by lamia_cobriana on 2006.03.04 at 19:40

I really should be working on several in-progress works of mine, but I went and fell into a new fandom. But with a character like Xander... And Angelus and Spike... Anyway, read the ficlet.

Fandom: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: Not mine, making no money. Joss Whedon owns, he makes money.
Pairing: Giles/Ethan
Rating: M
Warnings: Slash. Very soft lime. Non-canon-ness. Language.
Spoilers: For 'Halloween' the fifth episode in season two.
Summary: Ethan Rayne likes mischief, but loves Ripper.
Read more...Collapse )

Merlin - IDK my BFF Gwen?

The Tempest

Posted by shotaphile on 2006.02.25 at 18:30
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Okay, so in all rights I should be updating Family Plan, rather then reading new, strange, obscure books, looking for a fandom, failing to find one and deciding that I'LL make one damnit, and I'll make one now!
...Of course, it didn't help matters any that I'm already stuck on the first chapter of Family Plans and this one came so easily.

Series: King of Shadows, by Susan Cooper

Pairing: Uhhhh... next question!

Spoilers: It's one book, read it if you're worried about spoilers

Warnings: Kinda sorta slash that never actually says it's slash... and very much creepy confusingness!

Rating: Pg-13

Nat Walked the Streets of London.Collapse )

Merlin - IDK my BFF Gwen?

The Family Plan, Prologue

Posted by shotaphile on 2006.02.14 at 19:02
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Current Music: Parce Domine

Series: Hunter X Hunter

Pairing: Gon/Killua, a bit of Leorio/Kurapika

Spoilers: Nothing important

Warnings: Yaoi, obviously, though nothing graphic, with a little surprise at the end

Rating: pg-13

In which Killua wakes up sick and Gon blames it on his eating habits and Leorio decides to give him a check up “just in case”.Collapse )

Merlin - IDK my BFF Gwen?

There are no rules to love...

Posted by shotaphile on 2006.02.10 at 18:48
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Loving Bonds is a place for you to enjoy yourself. A haven, if you may, for any of your little quirks or fetishes. There is no right or wrong post, so we ask that any members respect that ideal and leave the fire and brimstone at home.

We can read anything. But not everybody else can. So please, give warnings where warnings are due. Clearly label each entry by series, couple, and rating.

And I do believe it goes without saying, do NOT take anything without permission.

If you can follow those three, simple rules (and I think you can), then we'll all get along.

<3 Thank you


Welcome to lovingbonds -- where only love matters

Posted by lamia_cobriana on 2006.02.10 at 18:42
Current Mood: busybusy

Bonds of love, bonds of hatred, bonds of friendship, bonds of family. Any fandom, any pairing, any style, any rating.

Any and all fandoms accepted, any and all pairings accepted. The popular, the obscure, the in-between. If we don't have it, we'll add it.

Fanfiction, fanart, fanessays -- we'll take them all. (As long as you follow the rules.)

Come enjoy a community where you won't be judged by fandom or by pairing. Come enjoy a community full of the unique, the rare, the obscure and the worship deserving.

Enter a world where only love matters.

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