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Hidden Devotion -- Anita Blake Drabble

Posted by lamia_cobriana on 2006.04.08 at 18:54


lamia_cobriana at 2006-05-04 03:32 (UTC) (Link)
See, I was different. It wasn't until recent years that I figured out ff.net, and only this year that I've gotten the hang of livejournal. But I read so much, in so many fandoms that I've been to practically every major archive and most of the personal pages. I'm a slashslut. The cure? Never ending supply of slash.

Yeah, I did that too, skip the pages I couldn't read for whatever reason. Though I do understand the too much sex thing. I didn't start reading for sex or romance, I started reading for the action. And vamps? Just a bonus.

You work at a library? *blinks* I'm going to college to become a librarian! I'd be really happy if my public library got new books sooner too.

I never thought of that. Anita just being a goal... Yeah, I can understand that. And it isn't so much her hangups disappearing as she has to look beyond them to get the job done. ...Which does make her seem less a person than a goal. Personally, I think it's lack of character depth. Sure there's character development, but not depth. I get it, it's like she's untouched. She has to do all this shit, but nothing bad happens. Like she's living in a twisted fairytale.

I'd be so happy if she did that! Preferably from one of the vamps' view.

Go ahead and add me! I feel all special now. Though proceed through my lj with caution. (and doesn't that sound like something that should be in a bad horror film?) As it's full of scattered thoughts, random posts, and other strange things. (and this doesn't help...) Mind if I add you back?
sharpiestars at 2006-05-05 01:41 (UTC) (Link)
ah, livejournal has been my lifeline since i was a teensy zomglifeisawful thing of eleven years.

i think i'm literally addicted to m/r. poor hannah has to listen to me whine about it all the time. if someone doesn't update on a certain day. uh oh. >.<

Anything that's not cliche and ridiculous that has wereanythings in it? ZOMG SO MINE. <333

:) My library just built a new teen center. So they got a grant to hire 14-18 year olds to show that teens can stand entering the building work from January to May. Small stint, but cute and the library is my life. I want to get a degree in photography [ee. <333], but more and more I'm thinking I'm going to actually end up getting a Library Science degree.

Yeah, but it's like it doesn't cost her anything to look beyond them anymore. "NO THIS IS SO WRONG! oh, look, he's gorgeous. wait, it's over, what?" That wasn't particularly fair of me, but, still. =/ Lack of character depth sounds right. I don't know if you read LKH's blog, but apparently she promised Anita she wouldn't kill anyone else off, but, knowing that just kind of hallows everything bad that happens to her.

Yayza. :) Of course I don't mind, sillyface. <3 Beware of mine as well. I'll get really, really happy and then really, really not happy and it just gets kind of bad. And there's usually an overabundance of pictures.
sharpiestars at 2006-05-05 01:43 (UTC) (Link)
I forgot that my layout killed that link ded. >.<
Sorrehs. <3 <3
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